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This is a video tutorial on how to backup your iPhone to iCloud without a computer.​​​

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  1. Anyone having problems, you will need Icloud app. Download the Icloud App, once downloaded customise your "personal account" on account settings on the Icloud App to your personal preference, i originally backed up my files from my Iphone 5c to my outlook account, but they did not appear in the regular hotmail webpage documents so i was unsure. Once your Icloud app is ready for use, simply create a new folder and upload away. You can select automatic uploads too.

  2. Is there any possible way – a hack of ANY kind – that exists that would allow me to back my daughters iphone 6 up to icloud if it is disabled? She took some very important pictures on it and then somehow it got disabled before it did its scheduled back up that night. It has never been backed up to itunes so thats not an option. Would love a miracle!! please help!

  3. Is a 16gb iPhone 5s enough storage ?? Because the not enough storage banner keeps popping up in my iPhone and even tho I deleted so many pics and vids in my phone already they still say no space in my phone

  4. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH12519?viewlocale=en_US
    This article says it does backup the sms but even when i login to icloud on the internet via pc, i cannot find the sms.

    It seems that the sms will be restored on the new or existing phone but thats only time you know if your backup was successful and able to restore all your sms back.

    This aspect is one big reason why in my humble opinion, Apple iphone is a failed product. Its so childish and lousy.
    Clearly, there is a reason why it does not allow you to see the sms thats backedup when you login via pc to icloud.

    Who are these programmers working on icloud? So lousy and low standard i wonder is it hiring all from 3rd worlds?

  5. Apparently, iCloud backup from phone to internet iCloud does not have the function to backup SMS. Maybe this can be done only via iTunes on PC. Someone please confirm for me if this understanding is correct. Very disappointing Apple product!

  6. When I did that it didn't work and it was writing something like i have to manage my storage and i don't know how.
    So pleaseee help meeee I really don't know what to do…
    PS.sorry about my english I know it's bad.

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